FM Transmitter for iPhone

So you have gotten a New iPhone and can’t get enough of it? You want to use it on your older car or home stereo receiver. You may be out of luck if you DO NOT have the latest car or home stereo with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB connection.




Save $$$ Use your new phone with your older car or home stereo

iPhone FM Transmitters allow you to use your car or home stereo to listen to your music “wirelessly,” so you won’t have to deal with Bluetooth, USB, Wi-fi or any wires in your car or home stereo. Cheaper and more affordable than replacing car / home audio equipment costing multiple times that amount.


Music Transmitter for iPhone 6 New 2015

100% Money Back Guaranteed!!!


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FM Transmitter for iPhone Review by Kevin

Best Bluetooth Alternative





Simple Plug and Play!

1. Use in your CAR, home, work, anywhere with FM radio.
2. No Battery, No Setup!
3. No Bluetooth. No Pairing!
4. No Wi-Fi, No App to install!
5. No USB! No RCA! No Aux Jack! No Wires!
6. Noise and Static Free! Awesome Sound and Music

You may known that the fm transmitter from the past is known to be crappy and staticky at best. However, just as the iPhone technology has advanced so has the FM transmitter. Our Engineered had perfected the FM transmission technology and made an advance chip that provides clear and static free transmission of sound from your iPhone or android phone to any FM receiver.

“The Best FM Transmitter for iPhone “

This Best FM Transmitter for iPhone will broadcast your favorite music and sound to any FM radio wirelessly. It works right out of the box, takes less than one second to set up, and broadcasts up to 25 feet in every direction, filling your space with your favorite music, movie, podcast, youtube, even streaming music like pandora and spotify.

Hi-Fi 5.1 Surround Sound from your iPhone to your car stereo!


FM Transmitter for iPhone

Just plug this iPhone fm transmitter to your iPhone or iPad and you will be able to broadcast the sound or music to the best speaker around you with crystal clear sound transmission with no static or crackling noise or your money back guaranteed!

Simply dial your car or home radio to 87.9 ( or 107.9 ), and enjoy your music from your iPhone or iPad in your car, home, office, or anywhere there is FM radio.

iPad Mini on Home Surround Sound System

This amazing gadget allows you to watch movie or listen to music from iPad Mini through your home surround system.

You can stream music and watch youtube video on your iPad mini and amp up the sound through your home surround speakers. Wirelessly.

Enjoy the Dolby 5.1 Stereo sound off the best speaker around you. Feel the heart pounding movie sound. Your movie, music and gaming experiences will never be the same.



Free Yourself from the dangerous headphones. 

Broadcast your favorite tune from your iPhone to the FM radio.

Best iPhone FM Transmitters works on iPad, iPad Mini and all iPods.

IMB iPhone FM Transmitters

Best FM Transmitter for iPhone offers:

  • Ultra Clear Static Free Sound Transmission.
  • No Bluetooth needed, Works on Any Car FM radio
  • No awkward cigarette charger wires or clunky accessories
  • No Setup, No APP, No endless radio station search and match. ( perfect for older cars ) 
  • Talk Hands Free through Car Radio ( blue aFM only )
  • True Plug and Play

aFM Transmitter for iphone

The Best iPhone FM Transmitter

Plays Game, Music, Youtube, Movies, Streaming media

From Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod 

Through Your Best Speakers



Easy Setup!

Choose either 87.9 or 107.9 FM stations for ultra clear reception with static-free, noise-free transmission with near CD quality of sound. The iFM features an patented sound technology that locks in two preset FM frequencies. Setup is fool proof!

Wire Free!

This cool iPhone accessory features a ultra compact design that uses your iPhone or iPad’s battery. There is no additional clunky hardware or batteries needed – easy connection and operation! No software or app to install – no complicated search and match to find a radio station for the best reception.

iFM iPhone FM Transmitter for iPhone 4S

iPhone FM Transmitter features:

  • Built in 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Patented Spiral Wave Technology offers amazing sound quality
  • Simple compact design
  • Easy Plug and Play – No Battery Needed – No App or Software to install
  • Play and Charge – no interruption charge your device while the IMB is in use.
  • Wide Range – Effective distance of transmission approximately 15-25 meters
  • Multifunctional – Multiple program and sounds can be broadcast simultaneously.
  • Works with any FM radio, even if you only have a tape deck.
  • Specially Designed for the iPad but it will also work with any Apple device with 30 Pin connector. These include iPhone 3, iPhone 3s, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPad Touch ( all ), iPod Nano ( all ).

Amazing Surround Sound

Enjoy your car stereo, home theater or boom box while you watch movies or play games on your iPad

The Best FM Transmitter

iPad in Your Car – iPad Car Adapter

Infinite Magic Box

The Best iPad Accessory

The Best iPad Accessory

Coolest Gadget works for iPhone, iPad, and iPod too!

iPhne FM modulator

“The Best iPhone Accessory”

The Infinite Magic Box is the Best iPhone Accessory. This is a compact all-in-one sound transmission solution for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It features our patented sound technology for ultra clear sound transmission with awesome built-in home theater 5.1 surround sound.

Simply plug the Infinite Magic Box into your iPhone, iPad and iPod and the IMB transmitter sends the music and sound from your device to any FM radio nearby. You can enjoy movies, games, youtube, streaming media, books on tape or any sound through your best sounding stereo speakers no matter where you are (whether that’s a boombox, a home theater, or your car radio).

Our exclusive sound technology locks in two preset FM frequencies for you and saves them as presets. Setup couldn’t be easier. This cool iPad accessory features a ultra compact design that uses your iPad’s battery. This means that there is no additional awkward hardware or batteries needed – easy connection and operation! No software or app to install – no complicated search and match to find a radio station for the best reception. Choose either 87.9 or 107.9 FM stations for ultra clear reception with static-free, noise-free transmission with near CD quality of sound.

Simply connect this cool iPad accessory to your Apple device, such as iPhone4, iPhone4s, iPad, iPad2, New iPad, or iPod, anything that comes with a 30 pin adapter. You will be rocking loud and proud with the stereo or speakers you already own.

Best of all, while you are enjoying your iPad, your iPad can also be charge simultaneously. That means you will never be out of battery life while you use this awesome little gadget. There are no other devices like it on the market. The Infinite Magic Box is truly the Best iPad Accessory anywhere!

The revolutionary IMB FM Transmitter that plugs into your iPhone and transmits your iPhone music and audio books to any FM radio like magic. Broadcast music from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a stereo near you.

The Best iPhone, iPad, and iPod Accessory

We believe in our product and we are so sure that you will be absolutely thrilled with your Infinite Magic Box FM Transmitter purchase that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t think that this is the best iPad accessory, we want you to sent it back. If you agree that the IMB is the best iPad companion, please tell others about this amazing product. This product is only available through this web site, and NO WHERE ELSE. Thank You!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • This item comes with one year replacement warranty. We tested every piece just before shipped it to you.
  • We offer 7 days 100% satisfaction guarantee and refund ( exclude shipping ) You have 7 days to contact us and 10 days to return it from the date it was received. Please contact us to ask RMA number before do return.
  • Return must be in the original package, and with ALL original accessories if you return for refund, if you return for replacement, just return defective part to save postage.
  • Return shipping is to be paid by the Buyer. We will pay the mailing cost of the replacement to buyer.

World Wide Shipping:

  • Orders processed within 24-48 hours of payment verification.
    We only ship to confirmed PAYPAL addresses. Your PAYPAL address MUST MATCH your Shipping address.
  • SERVICE TRANSIT TIME is provided by the carrier and excludes weekends and holidays. Transit times may vary, particularly during the holiday season.
  • If you have not received your shipment within 30 days from payment, please contact us. We will track the shipment and get back to you as soon as possible with a reply. Our goal is customer satisfaction

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Hands Free Kit for iPhone

Hands Free Kit for iPhone

Most new car models offer Bluetooth technology, which frees your hands by wirelessly connecting your phone to the car’s audio system. But if your vehicle doesn’t have it, you can still take advantage of the technology without spending a lot of money with IMB aFM iPhone FM Transmitter.

aFM FM Transmitter with Hands Free


NO Bluetooth? No Problem!

Do you drive an older car? Would like the convenience and safety of the hands free feature that is only available on the newer car? With a IMB iPhone FM Transmitter, you CAN enjoy handsfree features of the newer car and broadcast your favorite tunes from your iPhone 5 to your car stereo quickly and easily without the hassle of custom install, awkward wire with cigarette plug or dedicated APP.

iPhone Hands Free Car Kit


No Bluetooth!
No Setup!
No Battery!
No Wire!
No App!

No Kidding!

iPhone FM Transmitter features hands free car kit with patented radio transmission technology. You are ready to enjoy hands free conversation and listen to your favorite tunes without any wire connection. This unit allows you to speak to callers through a built-in DSP microphone without the use of external wires, or expensive custom modification. Just plug the FM transmitter into your iPhone and you are ready for wireless transmission of your music and enjoy the convenience and safety of hands free conversation. You can listen to music or podcasts and hear turn-by-turn direction information from a GPS application on your phone through your car radio.

Easy Operation: Simple Plug and Play Gadget

Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a product that will supposedly make your life easier and discovering that you have no idea how to use it or it simply cannot be used. Unlike some bluetooth device. No PhD is needed to get this one to work. There is No App, No Pairing, No Accessories, Nothing to learn. No none sense.

iPhone FM Transmitter – AFM

Plug and Play! This Hands Free Kit for Car was designed with simplicity in mind. We made it easy to turn your old car or home stereo into a modern integrated hands free entertainment and communication device.

Simple 3 Steps Operation

1. Set your car radio dial or preset
2. Connect this gadget to your iPhone5
3. Crank it up and enjoy

iPhone FM Transmitter works best on OLDER cars. No matter if you have a CD, cassette, or 8 track player in your vehicle. This device will work beautifully with any FM radio.

iPhone5 Music and Sound and Talk Hands Free Wirelessly!

Music, Game, Movie, Podcast, Books on Tape, Pandora, Spotify and more.

Simply plug this gadget to your iPhone 5 and tune your radio preset, then you are ready to talk handsfree and blast away and share your music and sound.

Enjoy the Dolby 5.1 Stereo sound off the best speaker around you.

Enjoy the Dolby 5.1 Stereo sound off the best speaker around you

Enjoy heart pounding surround sound in your car with any racing game.

You can listen to your books on tape, podcast, or any recording from your iPad without the dangerous earphone.

You can use it on multiple devices, simply plug and unplug. No brainer operation. Nothing easier.

Wirelessly connect your iPhone 5 ® to any FM car stereo and add Internet radio through any audio application (including Youtube, Pandora®, Spotify®, NPR®, Podcast, Books on Tape and more). The IMB FM Transmitter Hands Free Car Kit works in any car with an FM stereo.

Affordable, simple, and effective iPhone FM transmitter.


IMB iPhone FM Transmitter Features:

Wireless Music to Your Car Stereo

With this iPhone Fm Transmitter you are ready to listen to your favorite tunes without any wire connection! A perfect wireless audio solution for your vehicle. Audio streams from all applications including Pandora, Spotify, NPR and More.

Hands-Free Calling

The IMB iPhone FM Transmitter combine both echo cancellation and noise cancellation into a single technology so that the caller has the freedom to use a handsfree device anywhere they please.

Talks Hands Free!  answer your phone and make calls while driving increase convenience and safety to your commute.

Compatible With

Apple iOS Android Devices
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • HTC Evo 4G
  • Motorola Droid RAZR
  • Motorola Droid X
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Google Nexus 7

Check out How to Connect iPhone5 to Your Car Radio by West Wei on Snapguide.

Things You Should Know

Whether you are a business professional answering phone calls during your commute or a mom running errands and dropping kids off at school activities, having a Hands Free Car Kit will not only provide convenience and focus, but it may literally be a life saver. Find out more about bluetooth car kit review here.

Heavy fines and possible injury on the line, drivers can no longer ignore the need to make the switch to a hands-free car kit. Eight states (Calif., Conn., Del., Md., N.J., N.Y., Ore. and Wash.), Washington D.C. and the Virgin Islands all prohibit drivers from using any hand-held cell phone while driving. Seven of these eight states have primary enforcement for this hands-free ban, meaning that an officer can issue a citation for using a hand-held device even without any other traffic violations transpiring. Beyond just speaking on your phone, 30 states, D.C. and Guam have banned text messaging while driving, and 26 of these states have primary enforcement.

IPhone 6 Plus FM Radio Transmitter for Older Cars

IPhone 6 Plus FM Radio Transmitter for Older Cars

IPhone 6 Plus FM Radio Transmitter for Older Cars

The music transmitter for iPhone is a simple device that connects to your phone without Bluetooth and plays audio through your car stereo using an FM modulat with a small, pinhole microphone that allows you to use the device for hands-free phone calls which allow
 IPhone 6 Plus to connect FM Radio for the Older Cars

You have to find an FM station that isn’t being used in your area. Once you find a suitable station, you press down on the F53 until the display flashes. From there, you twist the head of the device to tune to the FM station you selected. After these steps are completed, you can use the F53 to stream audio or for hands-free calling.

IPhone 6 Plus to connect FM Radio for the Older Cars to stream music from a micro SD card, you only need to place the card into the card slot. As soon as a mico USB card is entered, the F53 begins to stream music from it. From what I can tell, if the F53 is connected by Bluetooth and has a micro SD card inserted, the micro SD card takes precedence. If you haven’t done so already, you will have to go through the steps to find a proper FM station for transmitting.

The music transmitter for iPhone fit into my vehicle perfectly and barely took up any space in the compartment where my power port is located.

Compare that to the other iPhone FM Transmitter which took up half of the exact same compartment.

I only experienced one minor issue during setup, the micro SD card is difficult to insert and remove. The problem is it rests too deep into its port. While most devices allow a memory card to stick out from its port a minuscule amount, the F53 has the card embedded just past flush.

To get the micro SD card in all the way, I always had to use something to push it because my finger couldn’t do it. When attempting to remove it, I had to do the same to get the F53 to eject the card.

It’s not the worst flaw I’ve ever come across, but can be a nuisance.


I spent several hours over the course of several days streaming audio through the music transmitter for iPhone . I streamed podcasts, music, and even used it to watch Netflix. I came away very impressed with the sound quality the music transmitter produced. I didn’t experience any issues with static or background noise; in fact, I found the sound quality to be on par with the strongest FM stations on my car stereo. Bear in mind sound quality will largely be dependent on your ability to find a clear FM station for the device to transmit to.

iPhone FM Transmitter can also be used to control playback when streaming audio.

Pushing on the device will play and pause audio, while quickly twisting and releasing the head of the F53 will skip tracks forward or backward. Twisting and holding the head of the F53 will adjust volume.

If you are using the micro SD to play music, rotating the head of the F53 will briefly display the track number you are currently playing.

If you receive a phone call while the F53 is paired to your phone, you can answer the call by pushing on the device. When the call is complete you can hang up by pressing the device again. Unfortunately, there is no way to initialize calls from the F53.

I used the device for several conversations and was very impressed with the sound quality. The sound from the person I was speaking with was extremely clear, almost identical to my car’s Bluetooth.

What really impressed me was the way the people I was speaking with described the sound.

At the end of most conversations I asked about sound quality. I was told multiple times that the person had no idea I was speaking hands-free. One person told me the F53 sounded better than my car’s Bluetooth.

I found it interesting that the F53 came with a remote control. At first I thought it was a useless feature, but I later came to realize it can be quite useful. When the F53 was placed in my car, it was just out of reach and I wasn’t able to easily control playback. Fortunately, I could leave the remote in a cup holder and use it to control the radio transmitter for iPhone

The remote works exactly as you would expect it to. You can use it to play and pause music, skip tracks, adjust volume, and answer calls. Additionally, you can use the keypad to enter an exact FM station instead of having to scroll through stations by twisting the
wireless transmitter for iPhone .

Wireless FM Transmitter for iPhone 6 Test and Review


I thought the music transmitter for iPhone was fantastic. It delivered great sound whether I was streaming podcasts, music, or movies. Additionally, it works great for hands-free phone calls. The fact that it’s so compact is another plus.

Yes, there was the small Wireless FM Transmitter for iPhone 6 Test
, but it’s such a minor issue it can easily be overlooked. Other than that, the F53 was issue free.

If you regularly drive a vehicle without Bluetooth, I highly recommend the Music transmitter for iPhone.

iPhone 6s Plus FM Transmitter Review

iPhone 6s Plus FM Transmitter Review

Apple may in fact want to get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack. For unbeknownst reasons, it’s obsessed with making the iPhone thinner every two years in direct hindrance to the possibility of improved battery life and a stronger chassis. (The iPhone 6S got stronger coincidentally as it got thicker, who knew?) There are a ton of reasons to keep the 3.5mm headphone jack intact, and seemingly only one rationale for Apple to get rid of it next year — to make a thinner iPhone, which absolutely no one is clamoring for.

If Apple makes the Lightning port the only option for wired headphones, iiPhone 6s Plus FM Transmitter Review it would be a huge shift that would likely infuriate a large portion of the public. The idea is outlandish, but Apple is not beyond doing seemingly outlandish things. It killed the 30-pin connector after selling a billion of them and famously killed both optical and floppy drives with no remorse — doing things that upset people in the name of progress isn’t new for the company.

Unlike the 30-pin connector, the 3.5mm headphone jack isn’t proprietary technology owned by Apple. It’s the universal standard for headphones and has been for many, many years. (Apple patented a smaller headphone jack, which now seems unlikely to come to fruition given Apple’s port-hating habits.) Apple has already approved Lightning headphones, with companies including JBL and Philips. And of course, the move would mean you’ll need an adapter if you want to use the headphones you currently own. To address this issue with its own headphones, Apple will reportedly include new Lightning EarPods with the new iPhone. Even with the possibility of a slightly thinner iPhone, the benefits don’t seem to outweigh the (literal) costs.

And those new Lightning headphones wouldn’t work with your Mac, or your Windows PC, so forget about carrying one set of headphones with you. If you use an aux cord or an FM transmitter in your car, you would need another adapter. If you want to commandeer the sound system at a party from the guy who keeps playing Nickelback off his phone, well so much for that. Now you’re stuck listening to someone passionately singing “coca-cola roller coaster” until your ears bleed or everyone leaves. (Everyone will leave.)

And a iPhone 6s Plus FM Transmitter Review will make charging your phone while listening to music a new problem. How would that work? How do I charge my phone in my car and use headphones? Or on a plane? Or with a portable charger? Or at that Nickelback-infested party? There is no clear answer to any of these questions, outside of a Lightning port splitter, which is very far from optimal. A thinner iPhone isn’t a better iPhone if we have to carry a dongle.

There’s an argument to be made that the 3.5mm headphone jack is out of date and needs to be replaced, but it would be better if we replaced it with another standard. Right now the current options for replacing that standard are proprietary, and would only segregate users between platforms. Right now I can take a pair of Samsung or Apple headphones and plug them into just about every computer or stereo in the world. If Apple ships Lightning headphones and Android devices — which are quickly moving toward USB Type-C as the standard charging port — start shipping with USB headphones, interchangeability between devices would quickly fall to the wayside.

The truth is we need a new standard for headphones, and we haven’t figured out what that is yet. The shift from 3.5mm to whatever the next standard may be will be painful, but it shouldn’t have to be done multiple times for multiple platforms, and I shouldn’t need a series of varied headphone adapters strategically placed around my house.

Best Gadget for iPhone 6s Plus

Best Gadget for iPhone 6s Plus

Best Gadget for iPhone 6s Plus
– Music Transmitter for iPhone 6s Plus

This is the gadget you need when you want to play music from a phone or tablet (or other device) through your car speakers. The FM transmitter takes the audio signal from the cell phone or device and sends it through an FM station of your choice. This unit works great! Perfect for someone who doesn’t have the auxiliary hookup in the car but still wants to listen to music from their phone or tablet. AND you can talk on the phone through your car speakers with this device.

Music Transmitter for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus provides an simple solution to connect iPhone to older car factory stereo without Bluetooth or Aux input.

This Best iPhone 6 gadget provides an easy and simple way to play any sound or streaming media thru your car stereo speakers without expensive modification or replacing the factory unit.

Why is this the best gadget for iPhone 6s Plus?

Simply plug this wireless device to your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus and choose the media you want to listen to. This device will work with all APP with sounds. This includes Stitcher, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio even Youtube.

Additionally, it also provides a very cool talk handsfree features, which allow you to listen to your phone conversation thru your car speakers to provide convenience and safety during your commute.

No Wire, No Bluetooth, No Aux. No App. Simple Connect and Play!

Best Accessories for iPhone 6s Plus

Best Accessories for iPhone 6s Plus

The FM Transmitter receives the audio output from your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus — or any other device, for that matter — via the audio jack or Bluetooth. The audio signals would be transmitted in a particular FM frequency. Once this is done, you can tune your car radio to the particular frequency, to bring the audio into car stereo system. In short, an FM Transmitter creates a private FM radio station for you, which is quite portable. It is the best accessory for the iPhone 6s Plus.

This FM transmitter is a combination of two purposes; the first one is playing music and audio calls via the car stereo and the second is charging your iPhone 6s using the Lightning pin. For receiving audio from iPhone, there’s a 3.5 mm audio jack, which is universal and compatible with almost every Smartphone out there. By connecting the plug to the DC Outlet in your car, you can turn on both the FM transmitter and charger. Coming to the case of transmitter, range of available frequency is between 88.1MHz and 107.9MHz and it offers a maximum distance of 5 Meters, which is an extremely convenient thing.

This accessory comes with a sleek design, which is quite easy to use as well. The audio signals from iPhone 6s would be received through the 3.5mm audio jack and you can select the frequency at which it will be transmitted. Also, it is to be noted that Aukey FM Transmitter comes with a USB Port; if you have a Smartphone or tablet PC with you, you can connect it to the USB port to charge it quite quickly. Despite being completely compatible with Apple iPhone 6s, the product is universal, considering the presence of universal audio jack.

This FM transmitter is a mixture of both FM transmission & charging capabilities and it can easily be connected to DC outlet of your car. On the other hand, for signal reception from phone, you have to use the universal 3.5mm jack. It’s to be noted that the accessory makes use of advanced audio codec to ensure quality of transmitted audio and easy-to-use display makes the management easier from user point of view. It offers a maximum distance of 5 Meters and the maximum USB output is 1A, which is good-enough to charge your Smartphones, Tablet PCs etc.

One of the best parts of the gadget is its in-built microphone, which ensures better hands-free calling experience. To do that, you just have to pair your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus with the FM transmitter. As it comes to the case of charging, Elobeth iPhone 6s Bluetooth FM Transmitter has two USB ports for charging. And, it can offer an output of 5V 2A which is good.

Once you have connected the power section with the DC outlet, you got to pair your Apple iPhone 6s or 6s Plus with the device. Then, you can set the frequency and tune in your car radio to the same frequency — as simple as that. Total build of iClever Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter is quite flexible and it can be altered to suit requirement & convenience of yours. Another impressive part of this accessory is that you can control both calls music tracks with the same ease. Also, the charger section comes with a USB port, useful for charging purposes. At the same time, you can be sure of the audio quality you receive. In case of both Bluetooth and FM connections, good distance is offered.

this FM transmitter comes with the ability of Auto-scan. Instead of putting on you the burden of finding an empty station, the product itself will scan to find an empty station at which audio from your iPhone 6s can be aired. Apart from this, everything else is similar to most of FM transmitters out there, such as a USB port for extra charging purposes, audio signal reception through the 3.5 mm universal audio jack, etc. After all, this product has received good ratings from both users and critics, making you confident-enough to choose this over the other choices out there. Well, despite the auto-scan capability and other stuff, frequency selection section of iClever Autoscan Universal FM Transmitter is small-enough to hold in your hand.

What has to be noted here is that the product is a MP3 player as well. By connecting an SD card or USB port, you can play your favourite tracks through car stereo. In addition, as you can guess, there is the option for answering calls through the hands-free environment once you have paired your iPhone 6s Plus with the FM transmitter adaptor. Also, to make the audio reception clearer, there’s an in-built mic as well. In light of all these, we can call eCandy Bluetooth FM Transmitter for iPhone 6s Plus a way to bring hands-free call & MP3 playback solutions to your car. Other features of the product include automatic switching to call, support for 3.5mm jack etc.

just as many of the FM transmitters mentioned here, uses the 3.5mm jack to transmit audio from your iPhone 6s and the connection procedure is universal, as you can guess. Of course, as you’re connecting the FM transmitter to the DC outlet of your car, you get an option to charge your iPhone 6s, which seems to be a big deal, at least for now. In addition, as we come to the case of transmittable FM frequency, you can choose anywhere between 88.1 MHz and 107.9 MHz.

Once you have connected the device to the DC outlet and has paired your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus with it, you just have to tune in your car radio to the selected frequency. In addition to the call answering button, there are options for managing music tracks as well. Also, its in-built mic can ensure that you have a smoother hands-free calling experience in the long run. We really liked the presence of two USB ports, which are conveniently placed on top part of ZhiZhu Bluetooth FM Transmitter for iPhone 6s. By the way, you can connect a USB Driver or SD Card to play your music tracks and the Digital Signal Processing makes sure that you don’t lose the musical beauty of it.

Wireless FM Transmitter for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus comes with a small twist. You don’t have to keep the device connected to the DC outlet, because it comes with removable battery. You can charge the device using car charger or Micro USB cable and leave the charger there. And, when you need it to start working you can switch ON your Play X Store Wireless FM Transmitter for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and connect to your device. Also, once you have selected the desired frequency, the device will memorize the frequency even when you power it off. Other features include full channel compatibility, battery status indicator and a compact design & build. If not for anything else, we would choose it for lack of wires.

iPhone 6s Plus FM Transmitter Review

iPhone 6s Plus FM Transmitter Review

iPhone 6s Plus FM Transmitter Review – The most Advanced Car FM Transmitter ever built! This latest FM transmitter will read Mp4/MP3/WMA/AMV files from 2GB built-in memory, USB Drives and MMC/SD(TF) Cards. This is a full-featured Bluetooth hands-free car kit that plugs into the 12V accessory plug and pairs with most Bluetooth Mobile Phone models. Plug it in, pair it up and start enjoying the freedom of making calls listen to your favorite MP3 songs and increasing your driving safety, you can enjoy music supported files w/ extensions such as MP3 and WMA which saved in SD/MMC Memory Card, USB Flash Drive or just plug any other device like CD player or any portable player in to audio input AUX port. You can also enjoy the music which saved in your mobile phone by A2DP function, can expand storage or read files from external USB flash drive or MMC Flash card.

iPhone 6s Plus FM Transmitter Features and Specifications:

The world’s No.1 MP4 Fm transmitter with Bluetooth function

Plug & Play Bluetooth Car Kit with Multi-input MP3 FM transmitter

Support SD/MMC card, USB Flash Drive, audio cable (line in)

Play mp3/MP4 from Phone/SD/MMC/mp3/mp4/Build in flash(2G)

Full frequency (87.7HZ-108.0HZ, total 204 channels) transmission

Support call ID show and hands-free function

The incoming call can get through automatically

Many EQ options: Normal, Rock, Pop, Classical, Live

Excellent sound quality with full duplex communication DSP

Technology for echo cancellation and background noise reduction

Auto-mode change from voice call to music

1.5 inch LCD display

With 21 keys digital remote or steering remote control

Auto-mode change from voice call to music

No charging, No installation, ready to use

iPhone 6s Plus FM Transmitter Package Includes:

Bluetooth v2.0 adapter

Wireless remote control with steering wheel mount with 3V Lithium battery

2.5 mm to 3.5 mm Male to Male audio cable

Remote control with 3V Lithium battery


Retail packaging

How to Stream Music from iPhone 6s Plus Thru Older Car Radio w/o Bluetooth or Aux

How to Stream Music from iPhone 6s Plus Thru Older Car Radio w/o Bluetooth or Aux .

This FM transmitter is designed to offer an easy and inexpensive options for anyone who wish to extend and enjoy their iPhone conveniences thru their older vehicle without the additional expenses and modification to the older car.

The iPhone FM Transmitter / iPhone Music Transmitter brings Bluetooth technology to older cars stereo bridging the gap between iPhone and Older car stereo for wireless music and talk hands-free experiences and conveniences. The Music Transmitter for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus provides an simple solution to connect iPhone to older car factory stereo without Bluetooth or Aux input.

This compact gadget provides an easy and simple way to play any sound or streaming media thru your car stereo speakers without expensive modification or replacing the factory unit.

Simply plug this wireless device to your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus and choose the media you want to listen to. This device will work with all APP with sounds. This includes Stitcher, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio even Youtube.

Additionally, it also provides a very cool talk handsfree features, which allow you to listen to your phone conversation thru your car speakers to provide convenience and safety during your commute.

No Wire, No Bluetooth, No Aux. No App. Simple Connect and Play!

Most automobile made within the last 20 years comes with a nice factory stereo. However, the Bluetooth technology for wireless music transmission and Talk Hand-free is only available for cars that are made within the last 5 yrs. Additionally, for some newer car, the information display such as AC, GPS, OnStar and etc are also integrated within the factory stereo unit. Replacing the car factory stereo is simply NOT an option.

Stream music from your iPhone and enjoy the conveniences and safety of Talk Hands-free thru your older car factory radio. It works on Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio and more.

This FM Transmitter for iPhone 6 is wonderful! I love how small and portable this FM Transmitter is. When I first got this I did have to mess around with the different stations/channels to find the one that provided the best signal. I’m actually surprised on how well this device worked. I was able to transmit the music from my phone to my car clearly. Sometime there might be a little bit of static if your driving to different places, but that comes down to finding the best station. This device fits on my phone easily and is very light weight. I have used different corded Transmitters in the past and they were heavier and also weren’t able to transmit the music as clear as this device does. I love to listen to pandora when I’m driving and this has made that so easy and effortless. I’m more than happy with this device, it surpassed my expectations. Also another way to get a clear signal is to make sure your phone is in a good location not under anything, so it can retrieve the signal. I usually use a phone holder on the dash in my car and that provided a better signal, but also with out putting it up on the dash it has worked good. This product was received either at no or low cost for my honest review.

iPhone FM Transmitter Review

iPhone FM Transmitter Review

iphone fm transmitter review

Written by: Ruxandra Obreja
6/17/2015 4:45 AM

iPhone FM Transmitter is So Successful — Why Bother With Digital?

In many parts of the world, FM is still the next bright thing. Representing the newest digital radio standard, DRM, I often hear that “digitizing radio is not an imperative,” that “there is no new compelling business model for digital radio” or that “there are not enough, cheap receivers.”

And who can argue that FM still works very well worldwide and the receivers are cheap and aplenty? FM, a very robust global standard, was born almost a century ago and was ignored for a long time. To start with receivers were not that many or that cheap! FM really took off in the 1970s, delivering good sounding music, mainly to its avid audiences.

The recent revival of radio in a country like India, for example, can be attributed to the new FM commercial stations. Even the mighty Apple thinks that in our digital age “we need more than algorithms, we need programming with a human touch!” Ah, radio then! But not the Internet or pay radio, just smarter digital radio.

Why? Because FM radio expansion is becoming constrained by an increasing lack of available spectrum. FM is also limited in its coverage, programs and services for the listeners.
FM Transmitter for iPhone is awesome too!
It has been reliably calculated that to cover an area of approximately 235,000 square kilometers (an area of about 600 kilometers in diameter), you would need at least 15 FM transmitters of 10 kW or more delivering one single program. A DRM medium wave transmitter (of 100 kW analog or 40–50kW DRM power) can do the same, offering the same coverage with the same audio quality — if not better, since of course it’s digital — using about one third of the power guzzled by FM.

So we consume 50 kW and broadcast three programs covering about a quarter of a million square kilometers in digital instead of using 15 FM transmitters to deliver one program. So is FM bad? Not at all. But FM is a local solution with limited coverage that has outgrown its potential.
The spectrum and energy arguments might be boring but they are demonstrable. Take the energy savings and invest in content and multistandard receiver creation!

And let me share one more secret with you: if you cannot grow iPhone 6 FM Transmitter and renew it, eventually its reach and the generated revenue will tail off. Research shows that in the United Kingdom a typical AM/FM listener listens to 2.9 stations a week. With the addition of digital radio that goes up to 3.5. More content, more services, more choice and more revenue.

And what about the receivers? They follow good, intelligent content, enhanced by valuable “human touch.” Changing from FM to digital is no mean feat. The iPhone FM Transmitter spectrum (like the AM spectrum) has no inherent value for telcos today. Used digitally, the same spectrum can accommodate many more channels, players and increased choice for digital listeners, potentially delivering more revenue.

Change costs money, it needs support, coordination and excellent communication. Don’t let FM be the shorthand for “no change.” Maybe listeners are more up for the digital change than a lot of us think.
Digital radio is still in its infancy; give it a bit more time, financial support and a chance to grow!
Ruxandra Obreja is the head of Digital Radio Development in the BBC World Service Group and chairman of Digital Radio Mondiale.
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Best iPhone 6 Adapter for Car Radio

Best iPhone 6 Adapter for Car Radio

Best iPhone 6 Adapter for Car Radio

Doesn’t FM radio stations broadcast on a frequency between 880-1079Mhz? FM has really good sound quality. It’s amazing that 2.4Ghz has worse sound quality than FM frequency range.

The only possible reason I can think of is Wifi and Bluetooth transmit a digital signal, whereas FM radio transmits a analog signal.

Remember, the frequency response for most audio recordings is 20 Hz on the low end (bass) to 44 kHz on the high end (treble). FM’s frequency range of 880-1079 mhz has more than enough bandwidth to carry these recorded signals. khz = 1,000 hz’s. mhz = 1,000,000 hz (hertz).

I recently bought a FM transmitter for iPhone my car so I can play MP3’s from my cellphone and broadcast them over my car’s FM radio. Yes, it’s an older car with a tape deck and no 3.5mm input plug.

I decided to buy a FM transmitter for car radio that plugs directly into my cellphone’s 3.5mm headphone jack via a wire, instead of buying the FM transmitter that syncs wirelessly with the cellphone via bluetooth.

The sound quality of the wired FM transmitter is identical to plugging the cellphone directly into the radio using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm wire. I tested it out on my home stereo in my house. The sound quality and output levels between the wired FM transmitter and 3.5mm to 3.5mm wire were identical.

Long story short. I’m glad I went with a wired FM transmitter instead of a bluetooth FM transmitter.

With bluetooth you’re relying on the bluetooth device’s DAC (digital to analog converter) for sound quality.

Even worse, if you plug the bluetooth device into a analog output jack such as a 3.5mm output jack. Then the audio signal is being converted from digital to analog via the music playing device (cellphone or iPod for example). Then that analog signal is being converted back to digital form to be transmitted via bluetooth. Then being converted back once again to analog via the bluetooth’s DAC before finally being played back through the speakers.

With the wired FM transmitter. The audio signal is being converted from digital to analog via my cellphone’s DAC. Then being broadcast in analog form via the FM transmitter to my car’s stereo. So it’s only being converted from digital to analog one time, instead of two.

Granted, it’s possible to connect a bluetooth device to a digital output port via HDMI or TOSLINK digital optical out. In that case, your relying on the bluetooth devices DAC for sound quality. So it better be a good DAC.

Best iPhone 6 Car Accessory

Best iPhone 6 Car Accessory


Best iPhone 6 Car Accessory


Best iPhone 6 Car Accessory – True, FM transmissions for iPhone won’t be interfered with, but that’s because both Bluetooth and WiFi are polite protocols which avoid transmitting over other transmissions. From one of the Kleer whitepapers (

“The iPhone 6 audio source transmissions can severely impact the laptop reception, while the brief laptop transmissions may have a negligible impact on the audio sink reception. Furthermore, since the laptop and the access point use TDMA, they will delay transmissions if they detect the wireless audio signal, reducing the throughput of the WLAN connection, and further reducing the impact of the WLAN on the audio connection. Since the audio connection does not detect significant impairment, it does not switch channels and therefore continues to impact the WLAN indefinitely.”

They try to avoid it by putting their narrow channel “between” the WiFi channels, which brings up two questions. First, not everybody uses the 1-6-11 channel allocation; I’ve seen plenty using channel 9, for instance. Second, what if there is more than one of these “Kleer” transmitters? The graph on the PDF I just linked shows only four Kleer channels available if avoiding WiFi on the 1-6-11 channel allocation.

This best iPhone 6 car accessory and that’s before considering video senders and other continuous interferers. The 2.4 GHz band is a cesspool. Whenever possible, I spec devices which can use the 5 GHz band for WiFi to avoid all that noise.

As for the audio quality, I can believe it. Since it’s uncompressed audio, it should sound as good as if it was directly connected with a wire, and it has more chance of causing interference than of being interfered with (it can tolerate a bit of interference by retransmitting lost audio packets).