How to Connect iPad 2 to Car Radio

How to Connect iPad 2 to You Car Radio

If you have an iPad 2, You must be wondering if there is an way that you can connect it to your car radio. This article will show you how to connect your iPad 2 to your car radio.

How to Connect iPad 2 to Car Radio

The best way to listen to your iPad 2 through your car speakers is through a car radio that supports the iPad’s 30-pin connector or a radio with an auxiliary input. But for those who don’t have a direct way to hook up your iPad to your car stereo, there is still an easy way to listen to your iPad in the car through a device called an FM transmitter.

IMB FM Transmitter allow you to connect to your car radio through a few simple steps. Regardless of the type of stereo you have in your automobile, you can connect an iPad and stream music over your car speakers in a matter of minutes.

How to connect iPad 2 to car radio?

IMB FM Transmitter for iPad

iPad 2 owners will be able to connect the IMB FM Transmitter directly to a car audio system. This iPad 2 FM transmitters derive power from the iPad 2, therefore it requires no batteries. No additional wire is needed, which makes it perfect to use with car radio. You can simply leave your iPad 2 in your purse or suitcase, and the transmitter will work with your car radio.

This is an extremely easy way to listen to your music in iPad 2 through your car radio or any radio. You simply plug the FM transmitter into the charger of your iPad 2, tune your car stereo in to a frequency that isn’t being used by a radio station and then set the transmitter to the same frequency. Your music is then broadcast to your stereo for you to enjoy.

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How to connect iPad to Your Car Radio

Step 1

Connect the  FM transmitter ‘s 30 pin connector to the charger on the iPad 2.

Step 2

Set the FM frequency on the transmitter you want to use to stream music from the iPad 2 to the car stereo.

Step 3

Press the “Radio” or “FM” source button on the car stereo. Tune the radio to same FM frequency you selected on the FM transmitter.

Step 4

Open iTunes or any program with sound on the iPad 2 and begin playing music from your library. The music streams through the FM transmitter and plays over the car stereo speakers.

How to connect iPad 2 to a radio

FM Transmitter for iPad is basically an adapter that becomes a miniature FM radio station inside your car. Wireless FM transmitter actually fool your car stereo into thinking your iPad is a radio station. All you have to do is set the transmitter to a station without any broadcasting and tune in to that station on your car radio. Instead of beaming Top 40 hits to your car stereo, the adapter sends the song that’s currently playing on your iPad out through your speakers.

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