iPhone5 FM Transmitter App

iPhone5 FM Transmitter App

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No More Hassles–Drive Safely with this Efficient Station Finder

FM transmitters for iPhones and Android phones are these gadgets that are plugged into the connector of your iPhone providing you a convenient way of turning your car, home, or office into a radio station. You get to pick your songs from your music selection.

These FM transmitters broadcast to about as far as 10 meters. This provides you enough range when in the car. To be able to enjoy the benefits of this little gadget, you will have to search for an empty band on the spectrum of FM radio frequencies, which might come as a hassle. The tiresome part is when doing lengthy travels, you will have to continuously do searches as you move in and out the coverage of local radio stations. Not to worry, there is an answer to this dilemma, TouchMiPhone created Clear FM, an iPhone5 FM transmitter app designed to search for stations for you.

This iPhone5 FM transmitter app is very useful as it helps you find just the right radio station in a certain area that you are in. This is how it works. Open the application and it will automatically locate the zip code or city and state that you are in. If your phone does not have location services enabled, key in your city and state, then it will carry on in searching for the clearest FM stations around your vicinity.

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Clear FM is an iPhone5 FM transmitter app that was created by Shabbir Vijapura. Its language is in English and has a size of 2.6MB. The current version that is selling online is Version 1.1.3 which was updated last January 19, 2012. With this newest version, two features were added and this is the ability to save URLs and the ability to fix bugs. This iPhone5 FM transmitter app falls under the utility category in the iTunes store.

Not only is this iPhone5 FM transmitter app compatible with iPhone5, but it is also compatible with other versions of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. However, this app requires an iOS 3.1.2 or later.

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Clear FM is an iPhone5 FM transmitter app that is given a good rating of 4+ by the iTunes store. Its customer rating for the current version is at 2.5/5 and was rated by 212 customers. On the other hand, 12371 customers gave an average of 2/5 rating for all versions. Clear FM is currently in the market and latest reviews by 2 customers awarded the app with 5 stars. These 2 customers claim that some reviews were low because some clients are not informed of its purpose. They say it’s a ‘Great app!’ and ‘does what it says it does really well’.

If you have an FM transmitter for your iPhone5, skip the process of searching for a radio frequency. Get hold of the Clear FM, an FM transmitter app, from iTunes store and download it. This is the easiest way to find the clearest radio frequency anywhere. Enjoy the long drive, concentrate on the road, and Clear FM will take care of continuously playing your music selection.


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