iPod FM Transmitter

iPod FM Transmitter

Best FM Transmitter for iPod 

Although FM transmitters have been around for a while, the relatively new product category of those designed with Apple’s iPod in mind has exploded in recent years. iPod radio transmitter manufacturers have responded to users’ demands for products that incorporate the specs and user interface of the iPod, while also keeping an eye on the quality and strength of the transmitters themselves. Nearly all the choices on this list make use of the main output of the iPod, eschewing the stereo-mini jack that other devices tend to ship with. This makes for both an ideal audio output for the iPod, but it also allows for simultaneous charging for the iPod, as well as providing for the option of the iPod powering the FM transmitter. The boldest of the companies here have even gone so far to create apps that make the iPod or iPhone itself the user interface, making the included UI of most of these kinds of devices — the simple LCD screen — seem like child’s play. There are various in-car solutions for listening to your iPod while you drive, but by far the most convenient is the humble iPod FM transmitter.

Check out How to Add iPod Music to Your Car FM Radio by West Wei on Snapguide.

To help you choose the perfect FM transmitter, we’ve been on the road with five different devices from five different manufacturers, and put them all through the wringer.

These handy little devices plug into the dock connector of your iPhone or iPod and create their own mini radio station, transmitting whatever’s playing on your iPod app on an FM radio frequency that your car radio can then tune to, just as it does with normal radio stations.

This way, you get a convenient solution to in-car audio that doesn’t need wires trailing all over your car, or require a new stereo system. The product is a revolutionary plug and play device that you use to broadcast music from any iPhone, iPad or iPod to any FM radio near by at. It is prefect for home, office or in the car.

iPhone FM Transmitter – AFM

This device featured our patented transmission technology, so the sound quality is near CD quality. Perfect for listening to music, podcast, books on tape while you drive. No Wire, No App, No bluetooth needed. Just your music heard through your car speakers instead of the headsets.

It is not sold anywhere else .. Just this website. These FM transmitters can send your music over a range of about 10 meters, which is more than enough for in-car use. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you find an empty band on the spectrum, as otherwise you’ll clash with broadcasts from commercial radio stations. This can be a pain when travelling long distances and moving in and out of the range of different local radio stations. It is simply the best FM transmitter for iPod

FM transmitters come in all shapes and sizes at different price points and with different features. Some have charging cables and even their own apps to help you select a clear frequency, while others are so simple they only have three buttons.

Wondering why we’ve laid out a best iPod FM transmitters list right here? Well, when you’re on a long drive to the beach, the countryside or simply shuffling to and for work, you need a companion that would pep you up for the extended ride ahead. Now, if all your favorite tunes are stored in your trusted iPod, why rely on CDs or the multiple FM radio stations? Well, in order for you to get the best out of your car stereo system and Apple device, we urge you to pick any of our sites.

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